ATN Sickle Cell (Large)All Thingz Nice was founded by director Edith Victoria in 2010:
“I got the idea at the end of 2009 from just simply wanting a t-shirt bearing my name made out of sparkly stones. That’s all it was. I am a person, who likes sparkle, luxury and customised things. I like having things that not many have or can get hold of and I am also very proud of who I am and where I am from, so I wanted clothing that reflected this. Then I thought…other people might want that too!
Having always been an act now think later type of person, I started making t-shirts as soon as I received my first samples not really knowing who would buy them but confident that somebody would! I also didn’t know where I would sell them…
The responses to the first two sets of samples I had made was positive enough to encourage me to continue.
I was confident in my products from the very beginning and that gives confidence to my customers. I believe in my products. I love wearing t-shirts with my designs! They are fab! I wear what I sell so my standard of quality is very high. If I wouldn’t wear it, I wouldn’t sell it. Whenever I see someone wearing something from All Thingz Nice, I still can’t believe that people like and buy garments made by me!”

“The concept of All Thingz Nice jewellery came after years of always being drawn to large statement necklaces. An operation in 2001 to remove a growth from my chest left me with a large and in my opinion rather unsightly scar, so I started looking for fashionable and stylish ways to cover the blemish on a daily basis. Applying make up to the area was often awkward and inconvenient especially if I was wearing white or light coloured tops, so I started looking at fine jewellery and then costume jewellery, (the scar is also the reason the ATN t-shirt range is made on crew neck t-shirts). I became fascinated with gorgeous, bold, glamorous statement neck pieces and I often received compliments and I decided sourcing and selling costume jewellery could be a viable and enjoyable business, and here I am”.